EV Make Ready Solutions

Auto Dealership OEM EV Infrastructure And Make-Ready Services


Auto Dealership EV Make-Ready Service

Through proper education of the management staff about existing electric vehicle (EV) technology, our auto dealership EV make-ready service assists owners to prepare their dealerships to adequately market and sell EVs. We understand dealerships will be selling an entirely different kind of vehicle than they have previously done up to this point, and we desire to be their travel guide as they excitedly venture into this new world of the electric revolution.

In our surveys throughout the automotive industry. We understood there are two things for an owner to consider in upgrading their dealership to prepare for EVs:

Program Highlights

Auto Dealership EV Make-Ready Services Program Highlights

  • Dealership owners, dealer groups, and management staff are educated about EV technology
  • Realize available federal tax credits and state incentives
  • Learn how to showcase their EVs
  • Be there for the dealership at every stage of the transition
  • Receive guidance and learn how to highlight crucial EV selling points to buyers
  • Provide a comprehensive plan of how to realize revenue from their premium amenity.
  • Installation of OEM approved charging stations in critical areas, such as in-service bays and on sales lots
Our Goal

We strive to educate auto dealerships on EV technology while minimizing their initial upfront cost to upgrade their operations to ready themselves for the arrival of EVs.